EZ Finishes’ environmentally friendly WOW! Stainless Steel Cleaner is perfect for cleaning and protecting stainless steel. This completely safe formula was created for cleaning institutional stainless steel surfaces of streaks, fingerprints, smudges and water spots while protecting stainless steel against spills and daily wear-and-tear. This powerful industrial stainless steel cleaner and polish remains the safest and most environmentally friendly product available in the marketplace.

Stainless steel is difficult to clean because streaks and fingerprints show up easily. Did you know it is easier to see grime, grease and fingertips on stainless steel than on windows? EZ Finishes’ WOW! Stainless Steel Cleaner & Protectant clean for a deep luster that resists fingerprints, water stains and smudges. Our stainless steel cleaner and polish really puts an end to these problems. Simply use WOW! to help clean your stainless steel including elevators, countertops and appliances for a long lasting clean and shine.

Wow! Stainless Steel Cleaner is also one of the best aluminum cleaners available and in addition is great for cleaning brass and chrome. WOW! Stainless Cleaner was developed to superbly clean large areas of aluminum, brass and chrome safely for you, your workers and the environment.

WOW! Stainless Steel Cleaner and Protectant Key Benefits
• Acid Free Non Toxic – Safe for your household or your workers
• Biodegradable – environmentally safe
• Non-Abrasive – Won’t scratch
• Contains no petroleum distillates
• Commercial strength good for industrial, institutional, professional or home use
• Also works to clean Aluminum, Brass and Chrome

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