Welcome to the WOW! blog. Our purpose in launching this new blog is to better serve and inform you – commercial cleaning professionals and those who supply the cleaning products and chemicals you need to do your jobs safely, efficiently, and as eco-friendly as possible. Whether you’re in food service, public transportation, education, healthcare, or other commercial cleaning environments we hope this blog page becomes your go-to resource for helpful and timely information.

Next week we’ll dive into specific cleaning topics, highlighting challenges that we know you encounter every day. The following titles will give you a flavor of what’s to come:

  • How to Make a Good First Impression with Food Inspectors [Hint: Clean Stainless Steel]
  • What is a Sugar Snake and How to Prevent It
  • Where do Fruit Flies Live and Multiply [How to Control Them]
  • What Causes Stainless Steel to Rust and Pit

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The WOW! Story

But today we want to welcome you by sharing a bit about WOW! EZ Finishes – who we are and how we got started.

EZ Finishes, Inc. was founded in 2006 when we brought our flagship product to market – WOW! Stainless Steel Cleaner and Protectant. Our primary goal with this product and every cleaning solution since was to design a commercial-grade cleaning solution that out-performed anything on the market while also being environmentally safer than other cleaning products.

Once the formula was perfected, we didn’t rush it into the consumer marketplace. We wanted to test it first. We chose the toughest commercial environments by taking it to restaurants, hotels, schools, airports and other institutional facilities.

We wanted to demonstrate that it could stand up to the dirt, grease, and grime of these challenging environments…all while being a bio-based product, free of any harmful petroleum distillate or water… and EPA-dfe green certified to boot.

Initial Product Reaction

We knew it was ready for launch by the reactions it received. When the product was on-site tested by those responsible for maintenance in these institutional facilities, the first response was consistently, “WOW!”

And this, to no surprise, is how the product got its name!

Our Stainless Steel Cleaner and Protectant had set a high bar but we were happy for the challenge; and we set out to design and introduce a second product. Our goal was to evoke the same response when samples were tested by the same type of discerning users in tough commercial environments. Once again, during the product-testing phase our WOW! Miracle Cleaning Paste was met with a chorus of “Wow!”

We have continued with this mission with every product we’ve brought to market since. We want to deliver a cleaning solution that is top-notch and environment friendly. Our products are always designed with safety in mind, both in terms of health and the environment.

Complete WOW! Product Line

As you can see from our product timeline, we currently have eleven products, with our WOW! Bio-based Microbial Floor Wash being introduced just last year in 2019. We super excited about this product as it fills a gap in the market for effective floor washes that can battle the grease and grime that can contribute to slips and falls in restaurant kitchens without the noxious fumes or other safety concerns of other products. But we’ll share more about that later.

Find a Distributer

WOW! Commercial-grade Cleaning Products are not available at retail outlets. To find a local distributor please fill out our Contact Form and select “Looking for a Local Distributor” from the Contact Reason drop-down menu.